The following races will impact education in 2014.


School Board

District 6:

Renato Almanzor:

Residence: Oakland since 1996 (District 6)

Alma Mater: UC Davis

Secondary Education: Alliant International University and San Diego State

Community Organizer: Met with Oakland parents and state administrator Randall Ward  to discuss expectations and make agreements on what is best in supporting all students.

Board Member and Chair: served on several non-profit boards including San Francisco Coalition of Essential Small Schools and was chair of commission for Oakland Fund for Children and Youth (OFCY)

Professor: Taught organizational and leadership development at the graduate school level notably CSU East Bay. Named Faculty of the Year twice in one institution.

Shanti R. Gonzales

Chris Dobbins


County Superintendent of Education

County Board of Education

State Superintendent of Education


Ballot Initiatives Such As: