What do you know about the 2016 Ghost Ship fire, which started on the night of December 2, 2016 at an artists collective known as the Oakland Ghost Ship at a performance of "Golden Donna 100% Silk 2016 West Coast Tour".

People are coordinating missing person reports on this spreadsheet (note: now marked private after abuse)

There is more missing persons info on the facebook page for the event.

You can call the coroner's bureau to inquire about missing persons at 510-382-3000.

Timeline: 2016 Ghost Ship fire

December 5

December 4

December 3


Derick Ion

TMZ on Dec. 4, 2016:

"The new wave of outrage in Oakland's tragic warehouse fire is against Derick Ion -- the guy who ran the art commune that turned into a death trap ... and TMZ has learned he's already had legal troubles.

Ion wrote a Facebook post saying the the fire -- which most likely killed more than 50 people -- has left him "standing now in poverty of self worth." He was grateful his wife and kids were safe, but his focus seemed to be mostly on losing stuff he "worked so hard for"... and now he's getting blasted." http://theowlnews.com/146_World_Oakland-Rave-Fire-Commune-Leader-Derick-Ion-Whines-About-Losing-Stuff/

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from a person who's had dealings with Ion and his space (and has read facebook and yelp):

there were a LOT of people who called out the safety problems of the place just before the party as well as for YEARS now, and the piece of shit patriarch Derick Ion literally laughed off fire dangers even before this party, people were saying it was dangerous and he pushed back.

by the way, he has a nasty habit of demanding double or triple payment when the party is over and holding all the equipment hostage, he tried that with spaz in 2014 and there's a yelp review from 2015 where he did it to someone, probably he did it all the time. there could be something online about what happened with spaz in April 2014 on facebook but i don't know.  basically he tried to say that he was keeping the soundsystem and the bus unless he got all the money instead of his agreed-upon cut, and spaz just called up everybody to show up and 50 people came to help coil cords and carry speakers. but spaz is a collective with a lot of people who work together, professional party throwers like the ones who made that yelp review didn't have a giant crew of people to back them up, they just assumed business was business. who knows how many times he had pulled this kind of robbery.

he was charging people 500-600 to live in that warehouse in little rooms separated by carpet or wooden walls, there were people living in RVs parked in the building, he was probably taking in many times the amount of rent that he was paying on the space.

this guy was a serious piece of shit, who gloated that he was the intellectual descendant of "charles manson, hitler, and pol-pot". when he was placed on probation for receiving stolen property, he bragged that as long as he checked in with his PO and peed in a cup, he could "get away with murder". he ACTIVELY resisted efforts to make the place less dangerous, he LIKED it that way.

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