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The 23rd Avenue Baptist Church was at 1711 - 23rd Avenue. The congregation formed in 1889. The building, constructed in 1901-1902, 2 is currently home to the Church of Tonga.

The church was formed with 20 members at a meeting at Garfield School on May 26, 1889. Rev. I. D. Fleming was called to be the first pastor. The church began meeting in a tent at the present location. About 1891, 50 people from Tenth Avenue Baptist joined the church. 5

In 1951, the church moved to a new building on Foothill, and became Foothill Boulevard Baptist Church. 9,10

1928 5

Pastor From To Info
I. D. Fleming 1889 1892  
Robert Whittaker ? ? did he come back after Bennett?
E. R. Bennett   December, 1900 4
Robert Whitaker -1903 December, 1906 ref
Edwin S. Stucker 1907 1908+ ref
William C. Spencer ? ? served twice 5
Charles "Chuck" A. Wells 1928 1928+ 5
Guy Archer Weniger July, 1942 1951 ref. 1951 church renamed 9,10

Nellie H. Carpenter was the organist in 1909. 3 Charles A. Wells, the pastor beginning in 1928, had worked for 12 years as a newspaper cartoonist. He developed a feature called "Art Sermons." 5

In 1949, the church broke ground on a new building at 1530 Foothill, across from San Antonio Park. 6 The church also withdrew from the Northern California Baptist convention, calling it "an association based on the dollar sign." 7 In 1949, they also took park in a 5-year missionary trip, with 18 adults and 4 small children. 8

The new building at 1530 Foothill Blvd. was completed in 1951, and the church moved, becoming Foothill Boulevard Baptist Church. 9,10

In 1972, the church moved to Castro Valley and merged with the Trinity Baptist Church there and Foothill Boulevard Church became Foothill Baptist Church11

The Foothill Blvd. building is now the home of Foothill Missionary Baptist Church. 12

1910s photo 11909 31949 mission trip 8

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