3020 Broadway is a currently vacant space [Q] next to the 3000 Broadway bar and restaurant. The site is being considered for demolition to build a new apartment building. 1

Building History

c.1913-1919, it was the E. L. Peacock Auto Company, which sold trucks 5 and made fire engines. 2

c.1925, it was the E. L. Mathewson dealership, which sold Flint automobiles. It was also the home to radio station KFUU, which Mathewson had recently purchased a 50% stake in. The station closed down in 1926. 6

In 1940, it was the Forman Motor Company, which sold Chryslers. 3

In the 1960s, it was Metropolitan Dodge. 7

Sometime before 2012, it was the Connell Isuzu dealership. 4 [ Q: I thought it was boarded up, but Isuzu.com still lists it as Connell Isuzu? ]

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