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3768 Allendale is a building that seems to date back to at least 1912. Today the main reminder of its past uses is a blade sign that faintly reads "Most's Upholstery".

It was a bakery c.1924 when it was sold to O. Ford and F. Doris. 1

c.1944, it was a "notions" store, and was listed for sale by A.A. Helmke. 2

It was Most's Upholstery from at least 1949 to 1969. Jasper Most and his wife Margaret were in the upholstery business dating back to at least 1930, when they lived in San Francisco and worked at an upholstery factory. In the early 1940s, Jasper worked in the upholstery business for J.J. Gaube at 3251 Fruitvale Ave.

1912 Sanborn
1925 Sanborn
1957 Sanborn

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