Urban Farming 2015 / image by Brooke PorterFormed in 2015, Oakland Spring Rising is a volunteer network with the goal of creating, supporting, and the cooperative networking of 40 farms in 40 days in Oakland.  These events occur from from May 1 - June 10.  

Oakland Spring Rising emerges as a decentralized, organic process.  Information will soon be posted on how to join the 2016 efforts.

Oakland Spring Rising is inspired by the desire to grow food locally and sustainably, reducing our dependence on water-wasting, ocean-killing big agg practices.  With these 40 farms, we hope to soon grow 100,000 founds of food locally in Oakland every year!  We are also eager to remediate the soil!

The priorities of this project include: soil testing, bioremediation, creating sustainable permaculture farms, and community-building.  Other activities may include hands-on workshops, and musical events.  

To learn more about Oakland Spring Rising's past activities, so the Oakland Spring Rising 2015 page.

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