The 8th Annual Oakland Indie Awards will be held Friday, May 30th from 6:30-10:00pm at the Kaiser Center Rooftop Garden, 300 Lakeside Drive. Advance discount tickets are available through May 29 here.   

The Oakland Indie Awards are a One PacificCoast Bank & Foundation signature event aiming to build prosperity in our communities by celebrating the local economy. Since 2007, the Oakland Indies has recognized over 100 local businesses and artists for their contribution to Oakland's unique culture and prosperity. 


Oakland SoulKev Choice Represents the soul, essence and spirit of Oakland. This business or artist appreciates diversity and creativity, is confident in their individuality and humbly supports their brothers and sisters. 

Social Changemaker: Lolo Health! This socially responsible business or individual incorporates positive social change into their mission, operations, and/or measures of success. They use creative approaches to give back to the community and address economic and environmental issues. 

Ripple Effect: Loakal Art Gallery A business that supports the local economy by buying their supplies and services from other local vendors, creating a “ripple effect” as money circulates within the community

Job Creator: Chop Bar An independent business that has a positive effect on the region by consistently providing good jobs for residents of the Bay Area, employs 50 people or more, is socially responsible and/or environmentally sustainable.

Innovative Newcomer: Hub Oakland A business or artist that started in the last three years that excites and inspires with a creative new idea, perspective, model or solution. 

Pillar: Western Christian Books & Cafe A long-established Oakland business or artist with deep roots in the community and long-standing ties to the people, culture and history of The Town. This person or business mentors newbies and is renowned for their contributions to Oakland’s living history.

Greenie: WaterSprout An environmental champion who works to improve our community through sustainable practices, products or services. This local business or individual reduces waste or consumption, creates green products or provides green services. 



Oakland Soul: 

The Sacred Well
Underground Runway
17 Jewel Hair Salon
Late Nite Art (Adam Rosendahl)
Adams Mediterranean Grill 
 Alanna Rayford
American Steel Studios
Anasa Yoga
Ashel Eldridge
B Side BBQ
Baba Afolabi - SuRu Clothing
Bayby Jaymes
Concept Forty Seven by Beija- Flor Naturals
Betti Ono
Bianca Cabrera
Brianni 'Bri' Blue
Birdland Jazzista Social Club
Young, Gifted and Black
Cheryl Derricotte
Claudine Naganuma
Donut Savant (Laurel Davis)
Dr. Wesley Watkins' Jazz & Democracy Project
Farley's East
Feelmore 510
Flex Gym
Giovanna Tanzillo
GloriB Buttons/Drea Hightower
Gray Loft Gallery
Gregory Kloehn & The Homeless Home Project
Halmoni Vintage
Jennifer Johns
Kate Ellen Metals
Kev Choice
Kristen Turnbloom
Kumu Mark Keali'i Ho'omalu and the Academy of Hawaiian Arts (AHA)
Lisa Bernstein (aka " Lisa B")
Localite Tours
Loring Café
Matt Werner
Meghan Adkins/Sky City Design
Mix'd Ingrdnts Dance Company
Nenna Joiner
Nona Brown
Oakland Floats
Oaktown Indie Mayhem
Oakland Teen Empowerment Scholarship Pageant
Pacha's Pajamas
Pendarvis Harshaw
Rare Bird
Runway Style House
Sagrada Sacred Arts
Saint Harridan
SambaFunk! Carnaval Explosion w/ King Theo
Séduction Féroce
Souley Vegan
Spectrum Queer Media
Spice Monkey Restaurant & Bar
Studio Grand
The Sound Room
Qeyno Labs
The New Parkway
This is Oakland: A Guide to the City's Most Interesting Places
TomyéUnity Tax Service, Inc.
Vanessa Lewis aka Jezebel Delilah X
Vanessa Solari Espinoza
Vee Planning & Travel
Wine & Bowties
Xavier Dphrepaulezz


Ripple Effect:
 17 Jewels Salon and Spa
Birdland Jazzista Social Club
Cafe Gabriela
Chop Bar
Consuelo Jacobs/RIKA Events
Crown Nine
Cutting Edge Capital
Edible Excursions
Field Day and Friends
Gregory Kloehn
Hal's NY Hot Dogs
Little Shop Artisan Box
Localite Tours
Loakal Gallery+Boutique
Marion and Rose's Workshop
Montclair Veterinary Hospital
Paws and Claws
Red Bay Coffee
Séduction Féroce
Show & Tell
Simply Bliss/Chef Yulanda Hendrix
Sosu Sauces

Innovative Newcomer:
Underground Runway 
The Lounger's Club
Saint Harridan
Get Goes Mobile Cafe 
Adam Rosendahl
Alanna Rayford
Anasa Yoga
Antique Music
Atomic Allure
Betti Ono Gallery
Birdland Jazzista Social Club
Blue Door Beads
Build & Imagine
Cheryl Derricotte
Donut Savant
Dr. Wesley Watkins' Jazz & Democracy Project
Fatal Jewelry
Flex Circuit Gym 
Greasebox Cafe
Gregory Kloehn
Grey Loft Gallery
Holistic Veterinary Care
Impact HUB Oakland 
James and the Giant Cupcake
Jonez Cain
Kalimah Priforce /  Qeyno Labs
Kate Ellen Metals
Konda Mason
Late Nite Art
Mr. D's Music Club
Oakland Floats 
Oakland Future Trio
Oakland Unseen
Oaktown Blooms
Pacha's Pajamas
Ride Oakland Cycling
RSH Boutique
Show & Tell
Sosu Sauces
Souley Vegan
The New Parkway
The Pet Concierge
Walrus in Temescal Alley

Gregory Kloehn
Zach Seal- The Free B Shuttle Project Manager
Anasa Yoga
Back to the Roots
Berkeley Rustic Birdhosues 
 Birdland Jazzista Social Club
DIG Cooperative
East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse
Green Carpet Clean & Housekeeping Services
Field Day Wearables
Harborside Health Center
Lake Merritt Dental
Pedal Express
Phat Beets
Reclamation Republic
Sosu Sauces
Uptown Juice Co 
WaterSprout, Inc.
 Yes & Yes Designs

Social Changemaker:
Underground Runway 
17 Jewels Salon & Spa
Birdland Jazzista Social Club
Braham Ahmadi
CORE Foods
David Mitroff Ph.D., , Founder of Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc.
Dr Crystallee Crain
Edwin Rutsch
Emilys Army (Band) 
Emily Sunshine Marsh
Erin Kilmer-Neel
Field Day Wearables
Get Goes Mobile Cafe
Gregory Kloehn
Hawa Arsala 
Hodari Davis
Impact Hub Oakland
Jesus El & Elandis Brooks
Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre
Kalima Priforce & Qeyno Labs
Black Male Achievement Hackathon 
Lake Merritt Dental
Lolo Health
Marie Beichert (granthelper)
Mary Going 
Melissa Vee
Michael Orange
Mixd Ingrdnts
Monica Anderson aka Kin Folkz
Naomi Schiff
Oakland Scholarship Teen Pageant 
Pacha's Pajamas
Saint Harridan
Sheri Powers
Show & Tell
Simply Bliss Catering
Steve DeAngelo
Urban University 
Young Gifted and Black of Oakland
Youth Radio

ACME House of Music
American Steel Studios 
 Birdland Jazzista Social Club
Chaney Turner
Dale Golden
David Sturdevant
Erin Kilmer-Neel
Giovanna Tanzillo
Hodari B. Davis
International Contact, Inc
Karen Cusalito
Lake Merritt Dental
Montclair Sporting Goods
Montclair Veterinary Hospital
Mueller Nicholls
Nina Senn
Oakland Athletics Baseball Team
Oakland Metro Opera House
Otaez Mexican Restaurant
Paws & Claws
Rod Dibble
The Laurel Bookstore
Tommy Neal-Madison
Western Bookstore

Job Creator:
Birdland Jazzista Social Club 
Peralta Service Corporation
Studio Fathom

Nominations Deadline, Friday, March 28, 11:59 pm  

Nominations are now open for the Oakland Indie Awards. Nominate your favorites now! Award categories: Oakland Soul, ripple Effect, Innovative Newcomer, Greenie, Social Changemaker, Pillar and Job Creator. Info: