"Ace Monster Toys is a California incorporated nonprofit hackerspace based in Oakland, CA, dedicated towards education, hacking, maker culture and making robots do our bidding."--Hackerspaces dot org

Ace Monster Toys is a non-profit educational hackerspace. They have sooo many amazing resources available to you, including a laser cutter that can punch holes through wood and engrave metal, and their own DIY bookscanner. They host events and classes open to the public, and host a fully-equipped shop! 

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Calendar of Events

Current events are included below. Please also refer to the most up-to-date calendar here.  

  • Hacker Scouts (Ages 8-14): Mondays 6:30-9pm, 1st/3rd Sundays 2-5pm. This program pairs young people with mentors in workshops on such skills as soldering, sewing, programming, circuits, engineering, dumpster diving, found art, printmaking, building, and more!!
    • ​Did you know? Hacker Scouts was featured in a December 2012 edition of NPR's Weekend Edition. Read the article here
  • Sewing and Textile Open Lab: Every Other Tuesday (see calendar), 6:30-8:30pm. With special host Crafy Rachel! Example projects include: Cutting fabric with a laser cutter; open source pattern-making; repairs and reconstruction of clothing; zippers; etc.!
  • Raspberry Pi/Arduino/Microcontroller meetup (beginners-advanced): Every Other Wednesday (see calendar), 7-9pm. General microcontrollers/arduino/AVR workshop/meetup! Resident expert David will be available to give advice on your projects, give you ideas for projects, or just help you get started at the very beginning of electronics hacking.
  • Algae workshops, lasercutting 101, and MORE, on the up-to-date calendar

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