Activities Among Negroes

By Delilah Beasley

The Oakland Lyceum composed of College and High School graduates decided some months ago to create a Scholarship Fund. In an effort to do so, they gave their first orchestral contest on Monday evening at First A. M. E church. The affair was a great success. George Johnson is publicly the president of the lyceum, J. Joslin Joseph, chairman of the program committee, he called the committee to the front where he thanked them. He especially extended thanks to Leon Whittaker of Los Angeles, a student in Jurisprudence at the University of California and a member of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority.

The Rev. Mr. Pryor, pastor of the church, told of the splendid work being done by the lyceum in Oakland through its twice a month meetings, and the object of the contest, adding that the entire proceeds were to go toward this scholarship fund. The contestants are to be awarded two prizes, a gold and a silver medal. The first was donated by Dr. DeVaugn  and the other by Aaron Clark. Among the judges are Miss Anna Frasier, vice-principal of the Oakland high school and Prof. Talcot-Williamson, head of the English department Technical high school of Oakland. and Mrs. T. McCant Stewart of San Francisco. Instrumental solos were given on the cello by James O. Jackson and by George Hurd on the saxophone.

The first oration was delivered by George Watkins, representing the Omega Psi Phi, fraternity. He was followed by Miss Tabitha Anderson, representing the Pyramide  club of San Francisco. Her subject was "The Hope of the Future." She won the gold medal. Edward Wilson, representing the Alpha Phi Alpha, fraternity, won the silver medal. His subject was "Being Fit for What's Before Us."  

Other speakers were George Gatliff, representing Christian Endeavor, A. M. E. church, on "History." Leyman Hatch, representing B. Y. P. U..  Beth Eden Baptist church. Miss Matilda Smith spoke on "The Reign of Public Opinion." Miss Matilda Smith on "The True Aim in a Higher Education." She represents the B. Y. P. U., of North Oakland Baptist church. Miss Miriam Mathews, representing the Delta Sigma Theta sorority gave an oration on "The Student." She was given honorable mention. "The Art of Thinking," was the title of an oration delivered by Vernon McCalla. The evening was much enjoyed by all present who expressed the hope that it would become an annual affair.

With the conclusion of the program Leon Whittaker made the announcement that the Lyceum had secured the promise from Dr. David Starr Jordon, to speak for them sometime during the coming month on "The Relation of the Race Question in Regard to World Peace." Joseph also announced that Delilah L. Beasley would deliver a lecture this afternoon at Beth Eden Baptist church, the proceeds to go toward the California League of Women Voters' allotment to the national budget of the National League of Women Voters. She will speak under the auspices of the Alameda County League of Colored Women Voters, on the subject, "The Value to the American Woman Citizen of the National League of Women Voters."

The month of April seems to be crowded with events of value to the race. The first of April there will be given in the Municipal auditorium a sixteen-reel moving picture entitled "Whispering Devils," by William Hiraman Judkins, recently from Chicago, who has traveled extensively in the Holy Lands. He has been endorsed by the following organizations, who will share in the proceeds. The Tribe of Gad, of Parks chapel, A. M. E. church; Cooper A. M. E. church; The Women's Congress of Beth Eden Baptist church; choir of U. N. I. local number 188, with Prof. A. A. Jordon, director; the Pullman Porters Big Four club, and the Y. W. C. A. Linden branch. Prof. W. Elmer Keeton, with his Harmony Kings' orchestra, will play.

Other attractions of the month will be given by the Linden branch, Y. W. C. A., in an effort to raise funds to build a swimming pool.


ACTIVITIES AMONG NEGROES BY DELILAH L. BEASLEY 25 Apr 1926, Sun Oakland Tribune (Oakland, California)