The story of the Adams Point mosaic project

Adams Point mosaic project…was inspired by sightings of mosaic city trash containers on High Street. Hoang Bahn, City of Oakland Neighborhood Coordinator, put ADAMS POINT NEIGHBORHOOD GROUP (APAC)  in touch with Roberto Costa, one of the coordinators of the Maxwell Park mosaics, and he was recruited to assist APAC with coordination of a similar project in Adams Point. Roberto offered a timeline, budget, design input and overall guidance and encouragement.

In summer of 2012, APAC adopted 6 city trash containers from the City of Oakland through the Adopt-a-spot program. The adopted trash containers were along Grand Avenue between Perkins and (east) Bellevue. APAC also applied for a Keep Oakland Beautiful grant, APAC won $400 to mosaic two trash containers – at Ellita and Grand. Designs for the two trash containers at Ellita and Grand were finalized by Roberto Costa, Vivian Romero (APAC), and Alex Miller Cole. Materials were paid for by the Keep Oakland Beautiful grant, and some tiles were donated by Alex Miller Cole and Roberto Costa. Tiles were also bought from Dal Tile in San Leandro. 

The trash containers on Bellevue and Grand were designed by friends of APAC, and APAC members. The project continued with support from volunteers who helped design, and install mosaic along Grand Avenue in Adams Point. The project was also aided by fundraising efforts of Zach Seal.

Several people have donated tile to the project: Roberto Costa, Vivian Romero, free broken and scrap tile from Import Tile in Berkeley, Ace Hardware on Grand Av donated mirror, and Suzanne V, Naomi Schiff, and Juan Lopez.

Please see the mosaic map for the full range of mosaic in Adams Point. If you would like more information about the mosaic artists, or how to start a similar project in your neighborhood, please contact our email address.

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