Against Hired Guns is a 6 part article written about policing, accountability, and whistle blowing.  It focuses on police murders in Oakland in the first part of the 21st century and centralizes both the murder of Raheim Brown by the police and the role of whistle blower officer Jonathan Bellusa, who spoke out about the ways in which the investigation into the police murder of Raheim Brown was covered up by unethical actions in the Oakland Police Department, the Oakland District Attorney's Office and the mayor's office.  The article was the first to expose Bellusa's deposition and allegations.  Jonathan Bellusa subsequently gave a press conference about the whistle blowing.  Raheim Brown's death has been ruled a justifiable homicide and no further investigation occurred.  Against Hired Guns sought to seek solutions beyond the criminal justice system.

Friday, March 8 2013: Townhall to support strategic action against police violence.

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