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The primary purpose of the court’s involvement in child abuse and 

neglect cases is preserving and helping families. Yet the adversarial 

nature of court proceedings in these non-criminal cases can retraumatize children and undermine families. 

Dependency mediation is a program of the Juvenile Court that provides 

an alternative to contested hearings and allows for the parents and other 

parties to more directly participate in the resolution of issues. The 

mediator, parents, child welfare worker, and other participants meet in a 

neutral setting to express ideas and concerns, explore solutions and 

create binding agreements. With the judge’s review and approval, the 

written agreements become court orders.  

Encouraging shared problem solving while preserving the court's 

authority to protect children provides an early non-adversarial resolution

of cases of child abuse and neglect. Once a case is mediated, it is often 

easier to resolve any future differences that arise because the parties 

are committed to working together on behalf of the child.  



Participants typically include: 

•  Parent(s)/guardian(s) 

•  The child welfare worker or other agency designee. Most often the 

assigned worker attends, unless it would be detrimental to the mediation 

process. In this case, another party could be designated at the discretion 

of the mediator. 

•  The child/ren’s attorney 

Inclusion of the following is at the stipulation of the parties, order of the court,

or discretion of the mediator: 

•  The child/ren, if over 12, and with the permission of his/her attorney.  

(There is a separate protocol for determining how a child will participate) 

•  Other family members  

•  Foster parents  

•  Related Service providers  

•  CASA volunteer 

•  Any other interested party other than attorneys whose involvement may 

facilitate decision making or resolution 








How are cases referred for mediation?  

‰  Any party, at a court hearing, may request mediation to resolve a 

contested issue, i.e., placement, case plan component, visitation, etc. 

‰  The court may also decide to refer a case for mediation as a first 

alternative to a contest hearing.   

‰  The parties may also all agree to mediation (A Stipulation) and the 

mediation program can work to arrange a meeting. 

‰  A child welfare worker, or a party’s attorney can also make an Ex 

Parte application to the court.  



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