The Ancient Order of Foresters is a mutual aid society founded in Rochdale, England in 1834, which provides its members with insurance policies against sickness and death.

Below is the list of the Oakland Ancient Order of Foresters weekly meetings and location from the 1887 City Directory:

Ancient Order of Foresters

  1. Court Pacific No. 7115—Meets at Germania Hall, every Tuesday evening. Wm. Steele, P. C. R.; C. H. Bremer, C. R.; A. Van Alstine, S. C. R.; — Jacobs, Recording Secretary;
    M. J. O'Gara, Financial Secretary; A. O. Clark. Treasurer.
  2. Court City of Oakland No. G959—Meets at hall, corner Adeline and Seventh Streets, first and third Tuesdays of each month.  Wm. Rettig, C. R.; Joseph Nethercote, S. C. R. ; B. F. Conger, Secretary.
  3. Court Shell Mound No. 7261—Meets at Klinkner Hall, San Pablo Avenue Station, every Thursday evening. R. Lloyd, C. R.
  4. Companions of the Forest—Meets second and fourth Monday of each month, at Odd Fellows' Hall.