Following the end of the Civil War, the Ancient Order of United Workmen was a benevolent organization founded by John Jordan Upchurch, a Freemason, to provide mutual social and financial support for its members, offering a form of insurance.  The organization began in Meadville, Pennsylvania on October 27, 1868, and many of the Freemasonry traditions were incorporated into the United Workmen.

Ancient Order of United Workmen Lodges - 1887

Listed below are all the Ancient Order of United Workmen Lodges from the Oakland city directory of 1887:

Ancient Order United Workmen

(Hall 377 Twelfth Street, corner Franklin Street)

  1. California Lodge No. 1 — Meets at Masonic Hall (West Oakland) Tuesday evening. G. H. Fonda, Master Workman; W. H. Wilkinson, Recorder.
  2. Oakland Lodge No. 2 — Meets Friday, 377 Twelfth Street.
  3. Brooklyn Loege No. 3 — Meets at Odd Fellows' Hall, 555 East Twelfth Street. Meets Thursday evenings of each month.
  4. Occidental Lodge No. 6 — Meets at northeast corner Seventh and Peralta Streets. West Oakland, Friday evening.
  5. Pacific Lodge No. 7 — Meets Tuesday, 377 Twelfth Street.
  6. Oak Leaf Lodge No. 35 — Meets Monday, 377 Twelfth Street.
  7. Keystone Lodge No. 64 — Meets Tuesday, 377 Twelfth Street.
  8. Temple Lodge No. 11 — Meets at North Temescal, Monday evening.
  9. Bay District Lodge No. 226 — Meets at Klinkner Hall, San Pablo Avenue Station, Tuesday evening.

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