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Anthony Holdsworth (born 1945) is a local artist that has painted many interesting pictures of Oakland. On his website, Mr. Holdsworth notes the following in his artist's statement: "I generally work on location in the city. The urban landscape is an accurate and disquieting testament to our common condition. I encounter it first-hand in the hope of conveying its original intensity. Though sometimes devoid of people these ‘cityscapes’ emerge from my interaction with passersby and inhabitants at each site."

Holdsworth has a studio in West Oakland. Some of his paintings of Oakland can be viewed here, and some paintings of the original Occupy Oakland encampment can be seen here.

Holdsworth was born in England, and learned painting in Florence, Italy, and Bournemouth College of Art in England. He said in an interview that part of why he started painting urban landscapes in Oakland is that his old pickup truck we too rickety to drive out to the countryside. 1

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