Here are Councilmember Gallo's notes on an information session/training he sponsored on April 18th, 2013:


Earlier this month my office sponsored an education and training session which was led by OPD’s Vice Unit and covered the topic of Sexual Exploitation of Minors in Oakland. Attended by approximately
60 residents and merchants – the training was extremely informational and provided attendees with incredibly useful information. We learned that:


  • 85% of the men who pick up the young women come from outside of Oakland
  • OPD has rescued girls as young as 9 years old who were being sold for sex along International Blvd.
  • Pimps are mostly Oakland residents ages range 20s to 30s but are getting younger and younger
  • Many girls that are involved are already considered “at-risk” with many of them being run-aways from foster homes, etc.

This issue is one that has gone on for far too long in our City and I am fully committed to doing whatever I can to help stop it. We are fortunate that we have a police captain that feels the same way and that has taken an aggressive approach to ending this form of modern day slavery. OPD is now conducting regular sting operations and my office is working with the City Attorney on additional possible legislation to help with this problem.



These notes are from Gallo's April 26th, 2013 newsletter.