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If you want a page to show up on one of the Architecture Portal pages, you should tag them accordingly:

  • architecture (for striking examples of architecture. If building is old, please see Old Building Portal Tags to see if example may fit under one of the other tags)
  • historic architect (architects who designed one or more buildings of historical merit in the City of Oakland, California)
  • contemporary architect (architects who have designed one or more buildings of merit in the City of Oakland, California within the past 50 years)

For specific types of architecture:

  • Art Deco
  • California Bungalow (1910 to 1925)
  • Colonial Revivals (1890's to 1910)
  • Craftsman (1890's to 1925)
  • Eastern Shingle
  • English Arts and Crafts
  • Italianate (mid-1860's to 1880's)
  • Period Revivals (1915 to 1935)
  • Prairie School (1910 to 1925)
  • Queen Anne (1883 to 1890's)
  • San Francisco Stick (late 1870's to 1890's)
  • Storybook
  • Victorian
  • Wartime Tract (1942 to 1945)

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