Arizmendi Association of Cooperatives is a worker cooperative made up of six bakeries and a development and support collective. The cooperatives are independently operated, having different days of operation, hours, products, prices, etc. The locations are:

  • The Cheeseboard, Berkeley
  • Arizmendi Lakeshore, Oakland
  • Arizmendi 9th Avenue, San Francisco
  • Arizmendi Mission, San Franciscio
  • Arizmendi San Pablo, Emeryville
  • Arizmendi 4th Street, San Rafael

Members share a common mission, ongoing accounting, legal, educational and other support services and support the development of new member cooperatives by the Association.

The best part of the Association (beyond the fact that they provide all of us with delicious, delicious pizza)  is that they are extremely active in supporting the development of new cooperatives in the Bay Area. Their website provides extensive resources for anyone interested in starting or running a worker cooperative and they frequently attend events to share their experiences and answer any questions from those interested in becoming involved with worker cooperatives.

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This organization is a part of the Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives (NoBAWC).