A.C. Henry5Ashmun Cook Henry (December 6, 1828 - January 15, 1907) was the 23rd Mayor of Oakland, California whose term began on March 10, 1884. Henry was a Republican. 1

Henry was born in Millersburg, Ohio. His father, Samuel S. Henry, was a State Representative in Ohio. Henry came to California in 1851. He arrived in San Francisco then moved to El Dorado County and in 1858 moved to Placerville. At some point silver was discovered in Washoe, and Henry built the road known as the "River Road" between El Dorado and Placerville and over the Sierras to the Washoe mines. He was one of the founders of the Placerville and Sacramento Valley Railroad. 2

Henry came to Oakland in 1865 or 1867. He founded the Oakland's first bank: the Oakland Bank of Savings and was president until 1869. At that point he created the Union Savings Bank and was president till 1875. Stockholders of Union Savings Bank then founded the Union National Gold Bank and Henry served as president. He was also a leader of the Bank of California2

In 1863, Henry served as a state senator from El Dorado County. 

Henry was elected to the position City Clerk and Treasurer in 1887 and 1888. 5

In 1855, Henry married Susan A. Ring, who died in 1863. In 1865 he remarried to Anna Maria Lemmon (Henry)2 He had three sons: George S. Henry, Charles A. Henry and W. H. Henry, and two daughters: Mrs. L. A. Stephenson and Mrs. Edith McLaughlin5

[ Unclear what the connection to Henry House - Portland Hotel is. Can believe he had it built, though. ]

Henry lived at 1221 Harrison Street from before the 1884 election up until his death in 1907.

Death and Burial

CC SA-BY Our OaklandAshmun Cook Henry died January 15, 1907, and is buried in Mountain View Cemetery in plot 12 along with Anna Maria and various family members.

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