Auditorium Village School was a school for the Auditorium Village Housing Project, around from 1943 to 1957. It was housed in temporary buildings, and was originally a kindergarten through sixth grade. By the time it closed for good in 1957, it had been reduced to kindergarten through second grade. Remaining students were transferred to Lincoln Elementary.

Principals of the school were Aileen A. McCandless (Howden) (1943-1944), Thad W. Stevens (1944-?), Ronald N. Linn (1946-1947), Carl J. Carter (1947-1950), Bernice M. Allsgood (McCarthy?)  (1950-1953), Pearl D. Palumbo (1953-1955), Arthur R. Wagner (1955-1956), and John F. Carolan (1956-1957). 1

Teachers included Sylvia Danzig Cohen, Betty Yee (-1957) 1, Inez McClaren (c.1952-1955), Elsie Lamm (c.1951), Pauline Blessing (1946-), Patricia Barnes (1946-), Dorothy Milnes (1946-)

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