photo CC SA-BY Our Oakland
The Bee Healthy Honey Shop is a family-owned honey and bee-keeping supply store on Telegraph Avenue in Pill Hill. Also check out the mural on the side.

Besides selling tasty local honey (which seems to help some people with their allergies) and bee-keeping supplies, they also offer bee-keeping classes, and a live bee removal service. So if you have a bunch of honeybees in your attic or you spot a nearby swarm, give them a call.

Khaled Almaghaf is the beekeeper and does the bee removals:

"A fourth-generation beekeeper, he learned the trade as a child in Yemen. He keeps 100 hives that are scattered around Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, and Santa Clara. Here in the East Bay hills, the bees primarily forage on wildflowers, while in Santa Clara the hives are located on a persimmon and blueberry farm." 1


photo CC SA-BY Our Oakland

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