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The Best Steel Casting Company was a steel foundry in East Oakland in the 1900s. Amongst other things, they cast utility-hole covers and some of the poles for street lights that are still in use in Oakland today.

The company was part of the C. L. Best Traction Company until April, 1917, when it became a separate company. 1

In 1916, employees included:

  • Peter Bordenave - employee
  • Peter N. Passerini - employee
  • Joseph Masnero - employee
  • Henry Painter
  • Violet Purcell - cashier
  • James Deery - employee
  • James Flagiello
  • Rudolph Silvey - chipper(?)
  • Henry Uebner - employee
  • John Tuohy - superintendent (probably same as John Twohy listed below)

In 1919, employees included:

  • H. H. Whiting - vice-president and general manager (formerly of Columbia Steel)
  • John Twohy - superintendent (formerly of Columbia Steel)
  • George Gunn - sales (formerly of Union Iron Works)

According The Iron Age in 1922, they had a single 6-ton Heroult Electric Furnace.

The company existed from at least [1916 to 1922].

base of street light in Frank Ogawa Plaza
CC SA-BY Our Oakland
from Oakland History Room via CalisphereSan Leandro plant, from Oakland History Room



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