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@eastbaycitizen: Ken Houston was stalking Kaplan's press conference today. I don't know why, but he brought henchmen and had words afterwards with Kap.

@HeatherEhmke: @eastbaycitizen: Ken Houston was wondering what Kaplan was doing on his block without notifying him or his people.

@OKcouncil: @HeatherEhmke So people have to check with @KHouston4Mayor to see if it's OK before coming to "his" neighborhood? I see... @eastbaycitizen

@HeatherEhmke: @OKcouncil @HeatherEhmke @eastbaycitizen There's no problem if you come correct, but if you come sideways? Most definitely! @KHouston4Mayor

@greenkozi: @Heather Ehmke what does that even mean? @OKcouncil @eastbaycitizen @KHouston4Mayor

@KHouston4Mayor: @greenkozi @OKCouncil @eastbaycitizen If you don't know what that means, you weren't supposed to. @KHouston4Mayor




Bryan Parker tells @bayreporta_ to check his math. @bayreporta_'s math is just fine.

During a tweetchat, Ken Houston declares war.

Text: @KHouston4Mayor: A#4(b) Oakland is at war. As mayor, I'm the Commander in Chief & I will ensure the Chief has the ability to lead his troups [sic]..+.. #oakmayor

@OakScott: .@KHouston4Mayor are you prepared to use nuclear weapons to win the war in Oakland y/n

@KHouston4Mayor: @OakScott LOL we need 'em, but no. We just need a good Commander in Chief. #oakmayor.

@greenkozi: .@KHouston4Mayor who are we at war with? #oakmayor @OakScott

@OakScott: @greenkozi @KHouston4Mayor exactly, and who are "we" for that matter...

@KHouston4Mayor: @greenkozi @OakScott We are at war with the criminal element. Look at what just happened this morning at 105th & Edes..+..#oakmayor

@KHouston4Mayor: @greenkozi @OakScott That's the war we are in, a human being just lost his life. No matter good or bad. ..+..#oakmayor

@KHouston4Mayor: @greenkozi @OakScott Tis affects Oakland as a whole. #oakmayor

@Shake9169: #Msgtotheuniverse After this election,I want a smart,globally aware,beautiful wife,a house,and several children. #Manifest #Reality

During a tweetchat, Saied Karamooz is asked what he would have done during Occupy Oakland. His first answer is to camp out. When asked what he would do when complaints and resistance from City Council started he answered

@SaiedKaramooz: @greenkozi I'm sure there would have been many obstacles. But sensitivity and understanding would have solved them all. #oakmayor


During an #oakmtg tweetchat, Jean Quan couldn't find the chat. (Note: her staff had been trained.) All uses or non-uses of @'s and #'s in original.

@jeanquan: Hi, I am here Oakmtg.

@jeanquan: Are you there OakMtg?

@#oakmayor I am here

@jeanquan I did not see you on my twitter page. Am I suppose [sic] to be here on #oakmtg? Mayor @jeanquan



@jeanquan: Support Relect Mayor Quan 2014. Come to my birthday party!

(9/30/14). context: middle of the Athletics post season wildcard game, after Rebecca Kaplan has spent weeks talking about her 44th birthday party.