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Betty Lou Foods was a food company in Oakland that produced potato chips and other foods. It was founded by Albert Hoffman, 1 and later owned by Herbert Rose from 1939 to 1947. 2 It was at 380 - 5th Street. The company jingle was "Betty Lou means better flavor."

Betty Lou Foods owned the copyright on "wafflettes, a criss-cross potato chip", registered in 1950. 3 By 1953, they were a division of Granny Goose, and owned the following copyrights: "Serial No. 629,486. Published Dec. 16, 1952. Class 46. 571,382. Potato Chips, Shoestring Potatoes, Cheese Pulls, Corn Chips, Nut Meats. Granny Goose Foods, doing business under the name and style of Betty Lou Foods, Oakland, Calif." 5

An article in the 1963 Long Beach Press Telegram and other references suggest they are at least partly to blame for "spray cheese". 4

1950 Sanborn excerpt 1963 ad 6

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