Black College Expo 

Oakland Marriott City Center, 1001 Broadway, Saturday, January 26, 9 am - 3 pm

The 15th Annual Black College Expo offers new information and resources to help students succeed. Black College Expo features a very informative and exciting college fair, known as an "infotainment college fair," showcasing well over 50 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and educational organizations and programs. Its mission is to curtail the high school dropout rate and increase degree and/or certificate enrollment among under-served and under-represented youth. The goal is to get students excited about education and provide the pathways and resources for students to make positive career choices. Black College Expo:

  • Connects students and student athletes directly to colleges, including historically black colleges and universities
  • Students can get accepted on the spot, application fees waived, and scholarships on the spot
  • Exposes students to available scholarships and helps students access scholarships
  • Assists with college preparation and readiness
  • Assists student athletes with NCAA eligibility requirements and recruitment opportunities
  • Connects students to career, internship, and vocational opportunities