before 1938 remodel 1

The Borland Building was a commercial building on the southeast corner of Broadway and 12th. It's unknown when the building was constructed, but a 1907 article refers to "Archie Borland's Central Block" which goes back to at least 1873. The building was remodeled in 1938 as part of a wider modernization plan downtown. 2

(There was also a Central Block east of Lake Merritt built 1880-1881.)

1950 Sanborn excerpt1939 3

Although there are some notable differences from the building shown in earlier Sanborn maps, it seems like the 1938 building and the earlier Central Block building are the same. The bay windows have been replaced with larger flat windows and the railing and dome on the roof have been removed.

1903 Sanborn excerpt1873 4from 1896 Illustrated Directory

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