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Brooklyn Presbyterian Church & Parish Hall was built in 1887. It was later the home to Grace Temple Baptist Church.

On June 26, 1984 the Brooklyn Presbyterian Church & Parish Hall were designated an Oakland Landmark, under Zoning Case #LM 84-109.

A historic calendar says it is "probably the design of the Newsoms." This likely refers to the Newsom brothers, Samuel and Joseph, who designed the fourth city hall building. Documents obtained from the registration process of making it a historical landmark note that it was likely designed by Samuel Newsom and that the architect, George Bordwell, may have integrated Newsom's plans with his own.

Cerny and Armstrong say it was designed by George Bordwell, and the congregation was there until 1972. 1

The church was built in 1887. The three-stage 66 foot corner tower is one of the striking features of the church along with some of the largest stained glass windows in Oakland. The original bell is still in service. The two-story Sunday School wing on 12th Avenue and the one story wing on the right of E 15th Street were built later.


1433 - 12th Avenue, Oakland, California

CC SA-BY Our Oaklandfrom 1896 Illustrated Directory 2c.1890-1910 3

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