Old school Brooklynization from the New York Times (of course!!!) in 1906. [source] via @susie_cOn 2014-02-13 on KCBS radio, Phil Matier discussed the “Brooklynization of Oakland” … that Oakland is becoming a bedroom community to San Francisco due to the high cost of homes in the City, and the impact of artists and musicians being pushed out of San Francisco into Oakland is felt … just as Brooklyn is to Manhattan.

“Oakland::SF as Brooklyn::Manhattan” is a common media trope, found in several articles in the list of unpopular articles about Oakland.

One could also understand this notion as providing a handy shorthand to help people understand the big changes happening around the Bay relating to money, the places where people live, etc.

At this point it's become a cliche. In a tongue-in-cheek guide for out of town journalists writing hand-wringing thinkpieces about whether San Francisco is losing its soul, the SF Chronicle includes: "As you drive to San Francisco, glance to your right so you can make an obligatory Oakland-is-the-new-Brooklyn observation."

Finally, shouldn’t this entry really be called the re-Brooklynization of Oakland? There was a town of Brooklyn which annexed to Oakland in 1872.

Relatedly, a random reference to Seattle being the "Oakland of the North"?


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