Brunswick Hotel (1892) 1

The Brunswick Hotel was located on the northwest corner of Washington and 9th Streets. An 1886 ad touts it as "the only hotel in Oakland that has an elevator." 2

Alexander and Jenny Ross were the proprietors.

The Brunswick may have been the tallest building in Oakland for a time. Girard House (then Occidental House) next door was said to be the first four-story building constructed in Oakland c.1878. With the top of its tower at 100', the Brunswick surpassed that.

1886 21889 Sanborn excerpt1896 Illustrated Directoryc.1907

It's not yet known when the hotel closed. It's mentioned in a 1931 article about a slaying at the hotel, 3 and appears in 1939 directory. In 1940, it was dismantled for salvage to make way for the expansion of the 10th Street Market. 4,5

Brunswick and Vendome (to right) 1940 5

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