Christian Otto Gerberding ("C.O.G.") Miller (October 1, 1865–April 23, 1952) was a founder of the Pacific Lighting Corporation, and later was on the board of directors of Pacific Gas & Electric Company. He was the son of banker Albert Miller and his wife Mary Ann (Kendall) Miller.

Christian O. G. Miller was born in San Francisco, and lived in both San Francisco and Oakland with his parents. He attended grammar and high schools of San Francisco and Oakland. In 1885 he graduated from the University of California.

On May 2, 1889 Miller married Einnim "Enie" Havemeyer Tucker (c. 1866–March 28, 1896). They had two children: Marion E. Miller (1890–?) and Leslie E. Miller (September, 1895–1946), and then Enie died unexpectedly at age 30. On April 21, 1898 Miller remarried, to Janet McAlpine Watt (March 9, 1870–July 2, 1958) of Oakland, and they had two children: Robert Watt Miller (October 10, 1899–February, 19 1970) and Albert Kendall Miller (November 30, 1905–September 26, 1971).

Leslie has her own interesting story.

Miller began his career in 1883 as a cashier for the United Gas Improvement Company. After the Pacific Gas Improvement Company was established in 1886 he became the company treasurer.

Also in 1886, Miller and his business partner W. B. Cline incorporated the Pacific Lighting Company. At first he held the position of treasurer, then in 1898 he became the company president.

Miller's career included president of the Pacific Gas Improvement Company (1900 to 1903), and president of the board of the San Francisco-Oakland Railroad Terminals (1917 to 1924).

Christian Miller was a busy man, holding numerous position as vice president of the American Trust Company, as well as director in several corporations, including the Kennedy Mining & Milling Company, the Los Angeles Gas & Electric Company, the Pacific Gas & Electric Company, the Occidental Insurance Company, the Southern Counties Gas Company, the Southern California Gas Company and various other companies.

He was a member of the American Gas Institute; the Pacific Coast Gas Association, of which he was president in 1908; and the American Gas Association, of which he was vice president in 1924.

Death and Burial

After Einnim died unexpectedly in 1896, C.O.G. had a striking mausoleum built in Mountain View Cemetery. It is one of several pyramids in Mountain View, and sits just below Millionaire's Row. Above the door are Egyptian wings and snakes, and the door has a plaque with Enie's image. C.O.G. is interred there, as are numerous other family members. There is a separate marker for Robert just outside the mausoleum.

Note that the SF Call article 1 lists Enie's death date as the 29th, but the mausoleum states the 28th. Similarly, the article says she was 27, but the mausoleum states 30.

Miller mausoleum
photo from Our Oaklland
plaque for Enie
photo from Our Oakland

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