The Cahill & Sbarbaro Building is located at 1645 Telegraph Avenue / 501-09 Seventeenth Street, Oakland, California.  The Chicago style loft building was designed by architect John Cahill and built by the Cahill Brothers in 1922.

This is a three story concrete Chicago style store and loft building on a corner lot, surfaced in dark brown brick, two bays wide on Telegraph Avenue and eight bays wide on 17th Street.  The high base has been totally remodeled with stucco and a metal and terrazzo corner shopfront.  The two loft stories have recessed Chicago style windows, brick pilasters, recessed spandrels, brick frieze with diamond insets, brick parapet, and a simple cornice molding with brick dentils.

Built by and for James Cahill and Company, dealers in wall paper and paints, this building represents the high base and loft style common in Downtown Oakland in the 1920s.

This historic building is #32 on the list of District Contributors for the Downtown Oakland Historic District Registration Form.

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