California Concordia College (also Academy of California College) was a combination Lutheran high school and junior college / seminary. It existed from 1906 until 1973; from 1915 it was at 6325 Camden Street. 1

Some of the school buildings remain, and are now part of the Spectrum Center Schools. A nearby park is called Concordia Park.

Concordia had a basketball team 9 and a baseball team; their mascot was the Cougars.

Instructors and Staff

Name Years Position Notes
Herman Henry Jonas 1906-1947 professor 5
Theodore Charles Brohm 1909-1950 president 4
Rudolph Eifert 1918-? professor 6
B.W.J. Lange c.1923-1938 professor, history 11
Otto H. Theiss c.1936 professor see Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Ernest F. Scaer 1924-1926 assistant 2
" 1926-1944 professor  
" 1944-1950 dean  
" 1950-1952 acting president  
" 1957-1965 president  
George Walter Gaertner ? instructor 3
Edwin Sohn c.1948 instructor  
Paul Hutchhausen c.1948 professor  
R. Eifert c.1948 professor  
John Wahl 1957-? librarian 8
Paul Stelter 1957-? professor, social studies 8
Herbert Glock c.1957 professor 10
Hugo Gerhke c.1957 professor 10

1909 Death

In May, 1909, 17 year old Oscar Moebus committed suicide after he'd confessed to stealing $5 from a classmate, Albert Theiss. A coroner's inquest found that he'd suffered from chronic ailments, and his heart and other organs were several times larger than normal. At the time, the school was at 876 East 15th Street. 7

1954 Fire

An explosion and fire destroyed the biology lab in November 1954. There were no human injuries, but some of the fish in tanks died. A faulty gas heater was thought to be the cause. 12

The firefighter in the second photo may be OFD battalion chief Joseph Tinsley.

1959 / / sfm009-00092

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