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California Historical Landmarks (CHLs) are buildings, structures, sites, or places that have been determined to have statewide historical significance by meeting at least one of the criteria: 1

  • Be the first, last, only, or most significant of its type in the state or within a large geographic region (Northern, Central, or Southern California).
  • Be associated with an individual or group having a profound influence on the history of California.
  • Be a prototype of, or an outstanding example of, a period, style, architectural movement or construction or is one of the more notable works or the best surviving work in a region of a pioneer architect, designer or master builder. 1

Of the approximately 1,100 [still checking on exact number] California Historical Landmarks (CHLs), twelve of the landmarks are located in the City of Oakland, California.

  1.     #45.    Site of the College of California:  (Franklin Street and 13th Street)
  2.   #107.    Joaquin Miller Home (Joaquin Miller Park, Joaquin Miller Road and Sanborn Drive)
  3.   #299.    Camino of Rancho San Antonio (Oakland Avenue and Santa Clara Avenue)
  4.   #676.    Site of Saint Mary's College (3093 Broadway, at Hawthorne Avenue)
  5.   #694.    Church of St. James the Apostle (1540 – 12th Avenue, at Foothill Boulevard)
  6.   #849.    Mills Hall (Mills College, 5000 MacArthur Boulevard, at Pierson Street)
  7.   #884.    Paramount Theater (2025 Broadway)
  8.   #896.    First Unitarian Church of Oakland (685 – 14th Street)
  9.   #925.    Peralta Hacienda Site (2465 – 34th Avenue, at Paxton Street)
  10.   #962.    Site of Blossom Rock Navigation Trees (Redwood Regional Park, 11500 Skyline Boulevard)
  11.   #970.    Rainbow Trout Species Identified (Redwood Regional Park, Redwood Gate entrance)
  12. #1027.    Pardee Home (672 – 11th Street)

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