Camp Merchant (previously named Camp Merritt) was a Civil War tent encampment of the 1st Regiment Cavalry established between August and October 31, 1861 near Lake Merritt.  Edson Adams hosted the troops on his large waterfront homestead along the north side of what is now known as Lake Merritt. 

The Battalion of five companies "mustered in as follows: Co. "A," August 16; Co. "B," October 31; Co. "C," October 31; Co. "D," September 9, and Co. "E," August 15, 1861. 7 new Companies organized and mustered in as follows: Co. "F," December 15; Co. "G," June 13; Co. "H," December 31; Co. "I," November 12; Co. "K," May 16; Co. "L," August 15, and Co. "M," May 16, 1863."1

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