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Built in 1871, the Cattaneo Block at 5006-5010 Telegraph Avenue is one of the oldest commercial masonry buildings in Oakland. The ground floor commercial space was first used as a restaurant and saloon operated by Giusué (or Giuseppe) Catteneo known as the Brick House. 123 Subsequent tenants included the Buon Gusto Bakery and G & G Hardware and Plumbing. It is now occupied by Pizzaiolo - Charlie Hallowell's acclaimed restaurant - and Standard & Strange, a men's clothing shop.  The right and left bays are perfectly matched additions from 1922 and 1927.

The distinctive enamel G & G Hardware / Dutch Boy Paints neon sign on the building's exterior was said to date from the 1930s, but the hardware store was not opened until 1946 or 47. 5 6 The store closed in 2003, after the then-owners had operated the store for 57 years. 4

On September 6, 1983 the Cattaneo Block was designated Oakland Landmark #LM 83-151.

Cattaneo Block in the 1880s, prior to expansion 2

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