C.W. Dickey, architectCharles William “C.W.” Dickey (July 6, 1871 – April 25, 1942) was an architect whose Oakland buildings include the Rotunda Building (Kahn's Department Store) and the Claremont Hotel.

Dickey was born in Alameda and grew up in Hawai’i. He attended high school in Oakland, and after getting a degree in architecture from MIT, he returned to Hawai'i, where many of his buildings are on the National Register of Historic Places. He had his own architecture firm in Oakland from approximately 1905 to 1923. He returned again to Hawai'i where he continued working, and died in Honolulu in 1942.

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"had a brief partnership (1916-1917) with John J. Donovan (1876-1949), an Oakland architect who, like Dickey, made a specialty of school design. Dickey spent most of the period 1920-1923 in Oakland, CA; Supervising Architect, Oakland Public Schools, Oakland, CA, 01/1920-11/1923; Dickey was the victim of political maneuvering withing the Oakland Public Schools by 1923, and was dismissed on charges of structural deficiencies in his schools. He was eventually exonerated, but his reputation in Oakland had been sullied, prompting him to take a long tour of the Eastern US, Europe and Turkey between 05/1924 and 08/1924." 1

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