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Chinese Garden Park is a park bounded by 6th, 7th, Harrison and Alice Streets in Oakland.

Phone: (510) 238-PARK

This park was originally known as Harrison Square when the city was laid out, and was known as Harrison Railroad Park from 1967 until the 1990s. After the trains were removed, the Hall of Pioneers was designed by Henry Chang, Jr., an architect and former City Councilmember who also designed the Silver Dragon Restaurant and other buildings in Chinatown. William Wong wrote the text for the exhibit. Now the building is used by Family Bridges; it was formerly one of two sites for Family Bridges' Hong Lok Senior Center, but is now part of the Lake Merritt Child Care Center.

Henry Chang talking about the Hall of Pioneers. Note the references to pilot Feng Ru, Lew Hing and the Pacific Coast Canning Company, and Fong Get Moo:

There isn't much space left that can be considered "park". Most of the area is covered by the buildings or fenced in behind the main hall. As of April, 2014, there is a large homeless encampment between the park and the I-880 freeway.

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