Clay Newton Burrell (December 25, c.1880 – January 17, 1958) was an architect who designed a number of buildings in Oakland, California. Burrell designed the California Hotel, the Oakland Tabernacle the White Building, and the McMann Apartments, among many others. He is also credited with constructing the Cox Cadillac Showroom (now Whole Foods Market) on the "skeleton" of the former car barn and powerhouse for the Consolidated Piedmont Cable Car Company. 1

Burrell's birth year is unclear as it varies between documents (including ones he would have filled out himself), but he was born in 1880, 1881, or 1882 to Henry and Harriet (Hattie) Burrell. World War II draft registration cards (1917-18) list: his birth date as 12/25/1880, occupation as Architect, father as Henry H. Burrell, mother Hattie L. Burrell, and employer as Trojan Powder Works. In the 1930 US Federal Census Clay N. Burrell is listed as married to Mary I. Burrell, but in the 1940 US Federal Census the name of his spouse was Josephine Burrell. 1940 US Federal Census lists his highest grade completed as Elementary School, 8th grade, occupation as Architect and that he worked 52 weeks per year with and average of 48 hours work per week.

According to the January 1921 edition of the Western Architect and Engineer "Recent work in the office of Mr. Clay N. Burrell of Oakland includes an $18,000 apartment house, for Mr. John Brunzell, a $70,000 garage on Broadway, and a $30,000 store building on Telegraph avenue, Oakland." 2

In 1915 Burrell had completed design of a four story apartment house for J. Meyers on Alice Street "at a cost of $70,000." 2

Also in 1915 Chas. E. Richardson and Clay N. Burrell, opened their offices in the Albany Building in Oakland. "Mr. Burrell is well known in Oakland, having designed many commercial apartments and hotel buildings. The firm has working plans near completion for a brick and apartment building, totaling $175,000." 3

In August 1919 it was noted that "Architect Clay N. Burrell, of Oakland, Calif., is now taking sub-figures for the construction work on a two story brick commercial garage building to be located in Broadway near Piedmont avenue" at a cost of $25,000. 3

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