Date Closed Location Reason Press Hashtags
2014-11-24 Freeway Traffic I-580 onramp on Lakeshore

Grand Jury decision to not indict police officer Darren Wilson

in shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri

SF Gate



2014-11-28 BART Station West Oakland BART " Huffington Post



2014-12-04 Traffic International Boulevard

Lack of grand jury indictments for police officer strangling death

of Eric Garner in New York.

During the protests, news of another police killing in Los Angeles.




2014-12-04 BART Station Fruitvale BART "    
2014-12-05 Traffic 14th and Broadway, 7th, 12th, Telegraph up to 27th Continued protests over failure to indict police officers in Garner and Brown cases




2014-12-05 Freeway Traffic I-880 on-ramp at 6th and Market St in West Oakland


Contra Costa Times


2014-12-05 BART Station West Oakland BART " Kron 4  
2014-12-06 Traffic Shattuck, other roads along the Berkeley border in Oakland. Most events were further north. " SFist  
2014-12-08 Rail Capital Corridor rail service blocked at Berkeley, affecting trains 546 and 549 "    
2014-12-09 Freeway Traffic Highway 24 "    
2014-12-09 BART Station MacArthur BART "    
2014-12-09 Rail Capital Corridor rail service to Oakland Jack London, Emeryville and Berkeley "    
2015-01-18 BART Station Fruitvale BART   USAToday




2015-01-18   International Boulevard in Fruitvale, Downtown along Telegraph      

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