The Contra Costa Laundry was located on the southwest corner of Kirkham and 14th Street, Oakland, California.  It was established in 1862.

Many of the employees appear to have resided at the Contra Costa Laundry, while many others are listed as living on the corner of 14th and Kirkham Streets, which is where the company was located.  Question: Did the company provide housing for the laundrymen/employees?  Was the 14th and Kirkham residential address listed for most of the laundrymen a boarding house connected to the laundry?

In 1876 the Contra Costa Laundry Association was operated by Hallett, Bartlett & Dalton, proprietors.

Employees - 1869

  • Pliny Bartlett was the proprietor of the Contra Costa Laundry, resided on the northeast corner of 7th and Pine Streets.
  • Listed as 'Laundryman' were the following:  George Alley, S. Aring, Abel Baker, C. M. Bartlett, D. Bowen, C. Blodget, D. Bridden, James Butler, E. Carrey, Eugene Callahan, J. Dart, Edward Dalton, Gustave Dussell, A. Drissell, H. J. Eaton, William Eaton, C. Ellwood, William Elwood, Lucius Emery, C. Emery, John Flynn, Henry T. Gibson, James Gormley, W. Greeving, John Grady, Thos. Hale, Julius Harris, William Harris, Wm. Haynes, Wm. E. Hayes, J. R. Halleck, John R. Hallett, M. P. Hanson, Martin Horner, Thomas Huggins, J. B. Kelly, H. Kohler, James Lawton, J. Leopold, Joseph Lippold, L. Luther, J. Lynch, C. McPharland, Barney McFarland, J. McCauley, Charles McCarthy, J. E. McCarthy, John McCarty, Wm. McCracken, Calvin Murdock, George Murdock, Geo. L. Murdock, C. Murdock, Henry Murdock, H. J. Murdock, Philip Muscat, P. Museave, E. O'Callaghan, H. Olsen, Chas. Patenski, G. T. Pilgrim, C. Rouff, C. Schoot, Martin Sears, F. Shailer, R. W. Van Syckle, H. Van Syckle, C. Voltz, John West, and M. Wilson.
  • There were fewer women employed as laundresses:  Miss Maria P. Bartlett, Miss Ellen Bass, Mrs. Mary Hogan, Miss Maggie Jones, Miss Eliza O'Neil,
  • H. E. Bartlett, foreman, residence corner of 14th and Kirkham Streets.
  • Thomas T. Hale, clerk
  • Albert S. Vansyckle, Contra Costa Laundry office, Broadway between 7th and 8th Streets, resided in Oakland Point.