Corazon del Pueblo is a Mexican and Latino arts store and community center in the Melrose/Fremont neighborhood.

The store was opened in the late 1990's by Josefina Lopez, a former Oakland school teacher and Chicana Activist, and her husband Trinidad Lopez. The main reason they opened the store is because they felt Oakland lacked a Mexican cultural arts store.

The store sells everything from hard-to-find clay sculptures from Mexico to books, hats, shirts, skirts, dresses, paintings, posters and sugar, skulls and an array of things from Latin America.

Corazon del Pueblo's busiest times of year are Day of the Dead, and Cinco de Mayo, and the Day of the Virgen of Guadalupe (December 12). Corazon del Pueblo is also a community center and holds a variety of workshops and events.

Address: 4814 International blvd.