photo by Alex Farivar

Cyrus Farivar (pronounced [suh-ROOS FAR-ih-var]) is a journalist and author focused on technology. He reports for Ars Technica, and has written 2 books, The Internet of Elsewhere: The Emergent Effects of a Wired World and Habeas Data: Privacy vs. the Rise of Surveillance Tech.

From 2010 until 2012, Farivar was the science and technology editor and host of “Spectrum” at Deutsche Welle English, Germany’s international broadcaster. He has also reported for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, National Public Radio, Public Radio International. Locally, Farivar has produced an episode of the East Bay Yesterday podcast about local baseball history. 1

There was a Wikipedia page about Farivar which he himself had originally written. While it survived 3 VfDs (Votes for Deletion), it did not survive the 4th. Ironically, Wikipedia cites various articles written by him, and Vint Cerf (one of the “fathers of the Internet”) wrote the foreward to Farivar's first book. While there seems little question that he is “famous enough” for Wikipedia, some editors seemed offended that he had dared write his own page, in violation of Wikipedia rules.

Links and References

  1. Before the A’s: The East Bay’s earliest baseball teams East Bay Yesterday