The DeLauer's - Kay Jewelers Building (Oregon Block) is a Art Deco remodeled as a late 20th century commercial building located at 1308-12 Broadway, Oakland, California.  Designed by architects Edward T. Foulkes and Arthur Peter Lenz, and the builders were Wilbur C. Cone; Hayward Concrete Construction Company.

This is a two story brick store building (visually high one story) on an interior lot between two tall buildings.  Its present upper facade consists of six textured stucco panels framed in anodized aluminum, above a transom strip and plate glass storefront windows.  There are two retain stores on the ground floor.  The original structure dates from 1889, the north half of the Oregon Block whose south half was demolished in 1903 for the Union Savings Bank Building at 1300-04 Broadway.  A 1937 black glazed tile Art Deco facade designed by Edward T. Foulkes was covered or replaced with the present modern commercial front in 1965 after a fire.  If the black glazed tile facade still exists and if the building were restored to its 1937 appearance, it could be a contributor to the Downtown District, representing the theme of Depression era Art Deco remodelings.

This historic building is #5 on the list of District Contributors/Noncontributor for the Downtown Oakland Historic District Registration Form.  The DeLauer's - Kay Jewelers Building is a noncontributor.

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National Register of Historic Places Registration Form: Downtown Oakland Historic District