Sometimes you see a sign and you shake your head or roll your eyes or say "oh, that's nice!" Maybe you think "Only in Oakland." Those signs belong here.

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This sign is tragic in its attempt at its reusability. Seen early April, 7-11 at Fruitvale and Mac. -greenkozitrilingual warning about robberies across from Clinton Square Park. Seen 4/7/13 -greenkoziCVS wants you to know that they don't have time to be safe. Seen at Dimond CVS, 4/6/13. -greenkoziconsidering this is the only bathroom on the floor of a busy office building downtown, this is a kind request. who uses phone booths anymore, anyway? seen march, 2013 -greenkoziphoto by greenkoziirony alert CC SA-BY Our Oakland

dude has had enough. CC BY 2.0  tvol
no licking. CC BY 2.0  tvol