Development Without Displacement: Resisting Gentrification in the Bay Area is a 110-page report released by Causa Justa/Just Cause that shares important finding on the impacts of gentrification on Bay Area communities and some principles and policies for stabilizing our cities so that long-term residents and communities of color and stay and thrive. The download is now available for free here.

Use the report as a tool to stop gentrification in your neighborhood!

  • Learn which neighborhoods in the Bay Area are vulnerable or at risk to gentrification;

  • Use policy recommendations designed to support organizers and advocates in identifying appropriate solutions for their communities;

  • Learn organizing strategies that will help bring this vision to light;

  • Understand how gentrification works and what you can do in your own neighborhood;

  • Learn about the stories of real people impacted by gentrification and displacement and their fights to stay in their communities.

Causa Justa Just Cause displacement report EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

In 2015, this report received the Best Vision of Development that Preserves Diversity from the East Bay Express.

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