As the Oakland technology community grows, issues of uneven access to hardware, internet, skills, social networks and literacy in our diverse communities must remain at the forefront. Please add any interesting and useful information here on topics such as: the scale of the problem, geography of access, organizations working in this area, news, reading materials on the digital divide in general, existing programs and projects, resources for tech/digital literacy educators, and more.

The idea for creating this entry came out of the Access/Digital Divide session at City Camp Oakland on Dec. 1st, 2012. Please see the notes from the session here.

Organizations working on digital divide issues in Oakland

National/Global organizations working on digital divide issues

Events in Oakland relating to the digital divide

Grants or funding available towards addressing digital divide or digital literacy

  • National Leadership Grants for Libraries.  This is a grant available from  the Institute of Museum and Library Services, that funds projects to enhance library services. For example: if a library sees that there is a need to improve upon access to digital services at it's branch it could apply for funding. They can also partner with community organizations interested in collaborating.  The deadline for 2013 has already passed ,however the 2014 deadline is in February. You would need to participate in the a couple of webinars in December.

Pages tagged “digital divide”

Online Resources

OTX West Google map of locations in Oakland to access wi-fi, buy computer equipment, repair computer equipment, and get training or computer education.

List of computer/tech classes:

Broadband Map. This is a nationwide map of the broadband availability throughout the US.

Toward Equality of Access: The role of libraries towards bridging the digital divide (pdf)

Digital Promise Website

Infographic: The Internet is important to everyone