Oakland! Let's Displace Gentrification. Citywide strategy meeting for organizations and individuals fighting gentrification in our town.

Hosted by a coalition that includes Causa Justa, PLACE, Destiny Arts, SELC, EBCLC, Phat Beets, and more

10am. MetWest high school. 10-1 BBQ afterwards 1-3! 

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Organizers of the event, which includes different Bay Area social justice organizations, community groups and coalitions, seek to build a city-wide movement against gentrification and displacement. Our community meeting will focus on pulling together all of the folks that we know of that are doing good work to fight gentrification to learn about what folks are doing, share what’s working, plug in folks that want to get involved in the fight, and identify opportunities for collaboration and city-wide efforts.


Our vision is for self-determined communities where residents have the opportunity to thrive and collectively own and make decisions about the resources in their neighborhoods. We want to start this journey by building a city-wide movement against gentrification and displacement. 


Gentrification is HERE! Oakland’s seeing rising rent costs, a massive influx of private and public development dollars and our city’s leadership values profit over the needs of working class communities in Oakland. 

Oakland’s Black population has dropped by 25% in the 10 years between 2000 and 2010. Rents in Oakland have gone up 20% on average in the past year and in certain neighborhoods even more than that. Our mayor and city council continue to approve development projects without genuine community input or buy- in – and all of theses aspects of gentrification are pushing people out of Oakland.

People, neighborhoods and organizations all over Oakland are fighting to stop the impact of gentrification in our communities, but we’re not coordinating our efforts, and we have a lot to learn from each other.