Dream Day 2014 was held on August 23, 2014 in honor of Mike "Dream" Francisco.

Titled "Dream But Don't Sleep," this was the 4th annual Dream Day.

Lots of the TDK crew got together at 955 7th Street at the Greenpeace Yard and painted amazing murals.

? photo by greenkoziAmend TDK. photo by greenkozi? photo by greenkoziBam and ? photo by greenkozi? photo by greenkozi

Proceeds went to the Dream Book Fund & the Dream Legacy Fund for Dream's son Akil Francisco, now 14 years old.

Events included: Live painting by TDK Crew & more, DJs, food and drinks, print signing by Vogue TDK, black book signing and a TDK tee shirt release.

DJ Fuze (Digital Underground)
MykeOne (Almighty DJs)
SakeOne ((((Local1200)))
Max Kane (4OneFunk)
DuloDulo (Scratch Fight)

Live Performances by:
Richie Rich (rapper)
Equipto of Solidarity Records
Dregs One & Patience (Zulu Nation) 
Turf Nation

Food by: 
El TacoBike
Lumpia Lady