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Feb. 21, 2014, 12:24 a.m. Deleted by It is debatable whether this is good to list on Oakland Wiki. The poor people that dumpsterdive depend on that food for survival and if privileged


  • I think it's reasonable to have basic info (it happens in Oakland) and not map. This is also a place to discuss why the food is landfilled and not composted (well, except meat and the like) - Gene
  • I'd be in favor of including basic info on a "dumpster diving" entry and would not be in favor of listing dumpster diving locations. I think it's important to recognize that dumpstering is a thing that happens in Oakland. There's a lot of misconception about what dumpstering means (most people might not associate taking things off the street like furniture, clothes, electronics, or books with "dumpstering" but it is. the wikipedia entry for dumpster diving redirects to, which i think would be a good starting point.) Also, just want to echo Gene's point that this would be a good opportunity to engage with q's about waste, reuse, and increasing trends towards reuse. - mk30
  • And here..

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Did you know that a huge quantity of perfectly decent food gets thrown away every day? Many times, the food is even sorted, sealed, and double-bagged just BEGGING to be taken out of the trash and consumed! A large quantity of dumpstered food ends up at sudo room, squats, and hacker houses.

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