The Durant School was located on 28th Street, near Grove Street (now MLK, Jr. Way).

The school formed in August 1875, with 400 students and 8 teachers. 1,3 It was originally to be called the 28th St. School, but a Mr. Rowell protested and suggested it should be named Durant School, for Rev. Henry Durant.

The site was later home to Durant Elementary School, built in 1915.

1911 class. Principal S.G.S. Dunbar on left1911 (reverse)


The 1876 directory lists H.P. Carlton as principal, along with H.P. Sexton, Mary L. Dame, Kate Elliott, Octavia Wetmore, Amelia Clow, Mrs. Tarbox, and Helen Blakeslee. 4 H.P. Carlton resigned at the end of the first term because of failing health. 7


The 1877 directory lists C.W. Otis as principal of the school, along with Mrs. R.R. Johnston, Miss M. Emma Hand, Miss Ella Pinkham, Miss Addie Walton, Miss Amelia Clow, Miss M.T. Kimball, Miss Julia E. Merritt, and Miss E. Powell.


The 1884-1885 directory lists A.F. Craven as principal, along with Mrs. F.A. Parker, Miss C.H. Bissell, Miss A.E. Walton, Miss L.C. Betancue, Miss M.T. Kimball, Miss A.P. Wright, Mrs. B.H. Stone, Miss L.B. Myrick, Miss O.A. Morgan, Mrs. E. Gibbs, Mrs. H.B. Shorkley, Mrs. C.W. Tarbox, and Mrs. M.V. Kingman. Mrs. L.E. Le Fort is listed as the janitress.


S.G.S. Dunbar became principal in 1886, and served until his retirement in 1921. 6

In 1887, there were 15 teachers: Mrs. Anna R. Wood, Mrs. Cynthia C. N. Walter, Miss Fanny Ward, Miss Martha L. Rowland, Mrs. Elise D. Reynolds, Mrs. Kate B. Mcintosh, Mrs. Flora A. Parker, Miss Minnie E Buckelew, Miss Lizzie C. Betancue, Miss Amelia B. Clow, Miss Minnie T. Kimball, Mrs. Lizzie F. Fowler, Mrs. Ella E. Greenman, Mrs. Lucy E. Crawford, and Mrs. Myra V. Kingman.  Ed. M. Campbell. served as the janitor.


A December 1888 article gives a full list of the students being promoted. Staff included Mrs. E.D. Reynolds (2nd grade), Mrs. F.A. Parker (2nd grade), Mrs. L.C. Betancue (3rd grade), Minnie H. Buckelew (3rd grade), Mrs. M.T. Kimball (4th grade), A.B. Clow (4th grade), Cynthia N. Walter (5th grade), Mrs. L.F. Fowler (5th grade), Ella E. Greenman (6th grade), Miss Fannie Ward (6th grade), Gertrude C. Herd (7th grade), Martha Rowland (7th grade), H.B. Shorkley (8th grade), M.V. Kingman (8th grade). 5

1902 Sanborn excerpt

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